Spider-man is witnessing a second reboot in less than a decade, but let’s hope they finally get it right this time. If I have to go by the trailer, I think it sure can. Marvel couldn’t help being cheeky in naming the movie either. The ‘Homecoming’ in the title is an obvious hint at how Spider-man is being made by his home-company, Marvel, now after all these years of suffering at the hands of Sony. Though they haven’t really let the webster go completely, yet. To be honest, except Spider-man 3, I didn’t find any of the previous spidey movies as cringe-worthy as most people.

Well, let’s see what this one’s got.

Let the breakdown begin!

Right off the bat, we see spidey in the same suit as the one he wore in Captain America: Civil War holding on for dear life at the top of some building with a police helicopter on his ass. So it isn’t going to be a world where he’s a superhero that the cops like to play with, that’s honest to the comics. Also, it’s honest to the MCU storyline where superheroes are now outlawed. Post Civil War, the Avengers have broken apart and Captain America has gone rogue with his band of misfits. So, it’s obvious that any new vigilante characters will face quite some heat from the authorities. 
spidey 2.jpg
YEAASS! Webbing under the armpit is exactly what spidey fans all over the world wanted! No, seriously, that’s an accurate depiction of Spider-man’s early appearances in the comic book world and it also provides his an ability to glide across from one building to another as opposed to simply jumping around, as we saw in the previous films.
spidey 3.jpg
That’s definitely alien tech. My guess is that this is a leftover from the first Avengers film and has chitauri origins. 
That’s Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and Ned Leeds, being played by Jacob Batalon. Ned is Peter Parker’s friend from high school. In the comics, he’s been a reporter for Daily Bugle and also has had an episode being the Hobgoblin.
spidey 6.jpg
That’s Michelle Gonzales from the comics, being played by Zendaya. Just looked her up on IMDB and found out that her name actually means ‘to give thanks’. That’s so beautiful that I forgot every fun fact I had for Michelle Gonzales. There aren’t many, though. She did become Peter’s love interest this one time.
spidey 7.jpg
It’s pretty obvious that they’re having Tony Stark play the proxy father/uncle here. Now, that’s the edge that could have only been brought in by Marvel. Well, for one, because they have the rights to Iron Man. But also, because they’ve let their characters grow organically over time. We’ve seen Stark come a long way from the billionaire playboy he was in the first few movies, and now his awkward transition to this proxy dad to kid who maybe reminds him of himself as a child? I don’t know. It would be pretty cool to watch, though.
spidey 8.jpg
Plot hint here. Peter watches an old video from his time in the Civil War, distracted from what’s going on around him. His character shows clear signs of restlessness and impatience, regarding his newfound abilities that have become a passion that’s now being fanned by none other than the Iron Man himself. He can’t wait to get into fights, gain the fame, the superhero mantle, all that. That’s bound to get him into some trouble. And boom, story begins.
spidey 10.jpg
And here’s the Vulture! He looks pretty badass, to be honest. Not true to the comic origins, though. But Adrian Toomes, the man who turns into the vulture, was an engineer and they’ve already hinted at how the film will be a face-off between the two tech geniuses or nerds that are Peter Parker and Adrian Toomes as the Spider-man and Vulture. 
spidey 12.jpg
Donald Glover, lads and ladies! Please be Miles Morales Please be Miles Morales. For those of you who are clueless who Miles is, he’s the new guy who takes over the spider-man mantle after Peter Parker. You know what’s better than one spider-man? Two spider-men! 
spidey 14.jpg
From The Birdman to The Vulture, Michael Keaton sure knows his feathers. 
spidey 15.jpg
Too many weapons looking like they’ve been made out of alien tech in this trailer cannot be a coincidence. I have a strong feeling that the plot revolves around this Vulture guy fiddling with alien tech to make his own. Let’s see how true that prediction comes out to be.
spidey 16.jpg
Best. Team-up. Ever!




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