Do you know what ‘Bayhem’ means?

‘Bayhem’ is a term given to the cinematic style of Michael Bay movies which are filled with explosions, dramatic camera movements & fast cuts.

Bay is back with the fifth installment to the Transformers franchise and we can only hope that this one does not disappoint the geek in me. However, the trailer does make it look extremely tasty and full of spectacle. But that’s how Bay usually lures us in.

This might belong to a human knight, but I have a feeling it has something to do with the artifact that Optimus Prime is looking for in this movie. Let me fill you in. A story leak talked about the plot point being Optimus finding a destroyed Cybertron, his home planet, in space because of the battle of Chicago in the third movie. When Sentinel Prime tried to bring Cybertron in Earth’s orbit, Optimus pushed their efforts back. In doing so, the planet reverted back into whatever void it came from. When Optimus finds it again, he realizes that it can be only brought back to ‘life’ with an old artifact that’s hidden on Earth. Obviously, this is all theory and based on rumors. All of this is.
This sounds too similar to King Arthur and his sword. The trailer already shows a big chunk of scenes from that time period. Could the artifact be Star Saber? Source: Link
Initially, I thought this was Unicron, the planet sized Transformer that eats other planets. But then I looked closely and found it oddly resembles the old planet Cybetron way too much. Could it be Cybetron as an awakened Primus? It does look in shambles. Going back to the Transformers mythology, the planet of Cybertron was formed by Primus, one of the two giant beings of the Transformers lore. Unicron and Primus were twins, Unicron being the evil one and Primus being the good one. They fought for ages only to end with Primus encaging Unicron in a planet shaped prison, but in doing so, he transformed into a planet himself. But when he did transform into a planet, he produced the 13 Primes of Cybertron who would lead their race. Things were fine and dandy, but then one of the primes betrayed the others and joined Ultron who had learnt to transform his planet self into one giant robot. That particular prime was featured in the second movie and yes, he is ‘the fallen’.
This looks like Megatron. Though I hope this isn’t him. Let’s hope he’s not in the movie at all.
Some of us geeks were expecting the fifth movie to have some action happening off-Earth. This shot increases my hopes. This means there would be some action happening right there on Cybertron, the planet that’s trying to eat Earth in the trailer. On second thoughts, it wouldn’t be too bad to see Megatron and Optimus team up against a common baddie ala Professor Xavier and Magneto. I think I remember that happening somewhere in the Transformers’ history.
Optimus Prime in battle. Everything looks the same as the previous movie. But wait, look at his eyes. They’re blue. Remember that for the next one, okay?
And look at those evil purple eyes! DUN DUN DUUUUUN It’s pretty obvious that he’s being controlled by some other being. My guess is its Unicron.
Good decision getting an actual knight for The Last Knight. Sir Anthony Hopkins seems to bring a certain depth to the story that was missing in the previous films.

That’s all folks! Let me know if you caught anything I couldn’t 😉


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